I’m an Over-Thinker

The Daily Post’s Prompt, “Going Obsolete“, made me think of a conversation that I just had the other day.

The other day my little sister’s 16 year old friend asked me “If you could choose, what time period would you want to live in?” and of course, I did a few things: 1. I dated myself. 2. I spoke to her as if she was a classmate in one of my grad. courses, so she checked out pretty early on in the conversation. 3. I began to over think what was supposed to be a simple question.

“Well, today we have the better medicine, science, technology…..but we can’t communicate face-to-face for anything. Years ago, we could send letters and know how to talk to someone instead of text them. But, we also couldn’t get in touch with them quickly in case of emergencies¬† ….” – my sister’s friend was going to hit me, I think.

Now, on the subject of technology that has gone obsolete…I don’t think I really miss any single piece of technology. I miss the human (not technology) interaction with people.

I miss hand written letters in the mail and the excitement of seeing a letter from my friend in the marines or another friend in Virginia.

I miss the days of being able to talk to someone who doesn’t have their face in a phone. I feel like I’m talking to a wall with people. Everything that I want to talk to my boss about has to be documented in an e-mail, and every attempt to talk to him is met with “e-mail it to me”….NO! Answer my question and then follow up. But talk to me, dammit!

I miss toys and games for kids that made them think and use their imagination. Plain baby dolls that did nothing special except maybe open their creepy, beady eyes.

I miss being able to function without the internet.

And then I circle back and think of how great these things are at the same time.

And I still didn’t answer the prompt…but you understand what I’m getting at.


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2 thoughts on “I’m an Over-Thinker

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