New Beginnings

Well, here’s my millionth attempt at using a blog. In the past I have been inconsistent with posting on any blog I may have had, but maybe that will change. I have a lot to talk about these days….granted, I have a lot to talk about on a regular basis (boy can I talk a person’s ear off).

I mainly am starting this blog to talk about a few things that are common place (weight loss, motivation, school, life, etc), and a few that aren’t so common (i.e. female hair loss, alopecia…). Actually, alopecia is uncommon to the point that I literally had to add the word to my personal dictionary…

Let me start with a short intro: I’m a 24 year old, female graduate student. I work 2 part time jobs and go to school full time. I am below average in the height area, [way] above average in the weight area, and balding. Want to talk about some major blows to your self image? Any one of those three things would cause some stress….all three in combination? Yeesh. I started gaining weight excessively in middle school during a time when I lost about 7 family members to cancer. I also started losing my hair around the same time – and no, the two weren’t connected, even though we thought they were. It took 10 years for someone to finally tell me what was wrong. Androgenetic alopecia (once again, I just added another word to my dictionary) is the term. It’s basically like male pattern baldness, but in women. It’s “uncommon, and exceedingly unfortunate” (as my doctor said) to have that happen at 12, but it’s the luck of the genetic draw.

My luck is fantastic like that.

Well, anyway, this blog is my way to get everything out while going through my journey. At this point, I am 5 months out from Hair Restoration Surgery (Hair transplant) and 20 pounds down. I want to document my progress, and let a few people know that they’re not alone.

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